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Stroud District Kids’ Stuff

A social enterprise that is helping to support children and their parents through the recycling of pre-loved children's clothes, furniture and equipment.

Kids’ Stuff is a Community Interest Company that provides support for the most vulnerable children in our district and that empowers mother’s to improve their current situations by offering flexible working opportunities. The focus of this employment is to give them a helping hand out of ‘the mire’. See below for more details of how we do this.

Supporting Children

Kids’ Stuff don’t just support the mums who we employ. We also allow referral partners to access any of our items for families in crisis.

This can be a single bundle of clothes for a family or an entire nursery of items to ensure that children are growing up with the items they need.

However, we don’t only operate through a referral service. Our pay as you feel sales, spread out across the District, allow us to let any parent come and meet other parents but also take items they need confidentially, without stigma from our sales. Parents can pay what they can afford and we know that we are able to support parents who otherwise wouldn’t have anyone to refer them.

Supporting Parents

Kids’ Stuff know that to help children we need to help their parents. We run a PARENTS CO-OP that allows parents to engage in well paid, family friendly work on a schedule the suits them.

There are two halves to the social business:

1. eBay Co-op where we list and sell items we are donated that are not needed for local children in crisis. This can be excess stock, items no one wants or niche toys. The current coop team has three ladies it. If you want to join please contact us. 

2. Drop In Co-op is a group of mums who put on weekly pay as you feel sales. We split the income from these sales to allow parents to help us run our community work and to earn some extra income. 

Supporting Community

Our Drop In Pay as You Feel Sales provide a space in the community for parents and children to come together. We bake cakes, provide drinks and use the donated items we have to create a free playgroup for the community. 

We have a range of items available for parents, from bundles of clothes and toiletries to larger toys. Parents can take any items they need and only need to pay what they can afford. Parents at the drop ins can also access our larger item referral site to select other items they need.

The sales provide a space where parents from all backgrounds can meet and those that need items can take them and those that want items and can afford them can leave a donation to fund our work.

How it works?

Items collected per week

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Help Us by Donating


Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 17:30


Unit 2a, Brimscombe Port, GL52QQ


Just drop in and someone from the team will help unload

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How to find us

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