What is an eBay Co-operative?

Our eBay Co-operative is a group of women who work through the donations we receive and sort them into different streams:

  1. For families in crisis. These items are available on referral for families in crisis or acute need. 
  2. Items that are not needed by families in need but are still useful. These are placed onto eBay and the revenues from these sales pay for the Kids’ Stuff project. 
  3. Items that cannot be re-used but can be recycled. This includes clothes and other items that can be saved from landfill.

The co-op is the place where these items are sorted and sold. It is the place where community is built and space is created for parents to practise self-help.

Why do we need one?

We believe that the best way to support mums is to empower them. Economic freedom through employment is a great step towards this. The parents in our co-op are able to earn an income, make friends and feel part of something bigger. This is right at the heart of what Kids’ Stuff is about. 

The Co-op is more than just a way to raise vital funds. It is, in itself, a way of ending child poverty through the empowerment of parents.  


Revenue for parents

The members of the Co-operative all sign up to a CO-OP agreement which outlines expectations and activities. They then work as a team to list items. Once the costs of providing our services to families in crisis are taken out, the parents keep the rest of the revenue.


Income for the project

It costs money to run our family drop ins, maintain a warehouse and pay staff. We don’t think that a pure charity model is sustainable and we also believe that there is real value in operating with business principles of efficiency and measured impact. Our eBay Co-op ensures we can always have the funds we need to support parents.


Teaching employability Skills

Kids’ Stuff provides space for young ex Neets (young people not in employment, education or training) to become apprentices. These apprentices are paid and trained in the art of eCommerce.

Find out more

We are always looking for people to teach and train about our work and the potential for people to earn an extra income around the needs of their children. Please feel free to drop in and meet us


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