Our pop-up shops are our latest innovation. They create community and are a safe place for parents and their children. Parents can come and enjoy tea, cake and a chat while their children play or do a craft activity. Clothes, toys, equipment and toiletries are available to purchase on a “pay as you feel” basis. Families can take what they need and pay what they can afford.

This means if a child falls in love with a toy they can have it. If a someone needs nappies they can take them and if they need clothes they can browse and take them.

We have only just started holding these sales. Our vision is to turn them into the best places for parents to come together. A safe place where background and history are irrelevant and a place where friendships can flourish, leading to mutual support and care.

Call us on 01453 367750 or email on info@strouddistrictkidsstuff.org.uk