What does Kids Stuff do? How are we making a change?

We have four main projects at the moment. We believe that our role as a community company is to respond to the needs and challenges that we see in front of us and so we have grown and developed accordingly.

The first step to providing a safe place for children to grow and develop is to provide the basic items a family needs. Since our inception in 2013, we have provided a referral system to ensure that any family who is struggling in our District has the basic items they need.

We have developed a network of drop in, pay as you feel community events that allow families to access items they need without need for a referral. These events happen in 6 venues around the District.

Our Nearly New Sales enable us to employ local parents and ensure that we have the finance to support our project’s growth. Items we can’t give away or that we have an excess of are sold to create jobs and an income for local mums.

We believe that the best way to support mums is to empower them. Economic freedom through employment is a great step towards this. The co-operative is a place where mums can explore ideas and activities that can help them find friendship, meaning and an income.