We need items, toys and clothes that you have outgrown to make our project work. If you can share these with us we will make sure they are used to help ensure every child in our District has a great start in life. Whether it is being given something they really need, a place for their parents to make friends and meet other children or even a job that fits around a child's needs rather than the employers- we need your reusable items.

We need all sorts of items for the project. Below are some of the key categories but if you have other items please just give us a call:

  • Clothes

    We provide clothes for all ages. We need gently used items that we can share with others.

  • High Chairs and Seating

    Children’s dining chairs, high chairs, boosters, bouncy chairs and playmats are always in demand.

  • Buggies and Prams

    Strollers, prams, double buggies and baby carriers.

  • Toys

    We aren’t a bric a brac shop but we do give out a lot of toys. We need large toys like playhouses and play items and also smaller toys – when your child has outgrown Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol we have children who would love to play with them.

  • Cots and Beds

    Moses baskets, cots, bunk beds, toddler beds and travel cots.

  • Home Safety Equipment

    Stairgates, play pens, baby monitors and bottle warmers.

  • Maternity Clothes and items

    We need items for mums about to give birth: feeding pillows, clothes – even rocking chairs.

  • Anything else a child needs...

    We often need other items for families. If you found it useful for caring for your child, the chances are another mum will too. Just drop in and our team can assist.

Please feel free just to drop in at Unit 2a, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, GL52QQ and donate. All we ask is that donors ask “would I like to be given this item for my child?” and ensure the items you give us will make other children smile when they receive them.

If you have any questions or want to email us please use the form below to contact us.