Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To see families in the Stroud District passing on their gently used children’s items to each other. Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. We want to build a sense of belonging, sharing and community so people on the margins, especially who the media are calling JAMs (just about managing) can get the help they need without stigma.

Our Mission

To provide support for the most vulnerable children in our district and empower mothers in particular to improve their current situations by offering flexible working opportunities.

Our Values

To ensure that anyone working with or for Kids Stuff is supported emotionally, physically and financially; to ensure that they are fully able to improve their situations.


To respect to our clients and colleagues, inviting each other’s ideas and opinions. To have respect for ourselves and to refrain from gossip or disrespectful conversation.


To operate with a spirit of hope and positivity in all we do.


To accept every client and colleague without judgement or prejudice.


To lovingly sympathise with both our clients and colleagues. To be fully motivated to help improve the situations we face every day.

Our Story

Kid’s Stuff was started in 2013 by the Stroud District Foodbank. They collected clothing, children’s toys and equipment and gave them to families in need.

In 2017, Kids Stuff became a Community Interest Company (CIC) that helps families in the Stroud District by providing gently used children’s toys, clothes and equipment and also genuinely flexible employment opportunities for parents.

A CIC is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. If you have any questions please just get in contact on 01453 367750