What is a family drop in?

Our family drop ins are spaces where families from all backgrounds can meet and spend time together.

They involve tea, cake, toys and community. They operate in a number of venues across the District and are led by fellow mums. They have craft activities, toys and a range of items for parents to take home.

Parents can take clothes, toys, and toiletries if they need them, and can order larger items like cots and buggies. What is even better is they are pay as you which means you only need to pay what you can afford. If you are having a tight month you can take items you need, and if you fall in love with one of our toys that can go too and you can leave a donation.

Why do we need them?

We used to operate on a referral basis only. This meant that only parents with a social worker or support worker could access our support. However, as government cuts reduce front line staff and children’s centres close we have found more and more demand for self referral. We decided that we need to invest money into this and set up the family drop ins. These drop ins allow parents to get together and share what they need. They mean that anyone can comme and access Kids’ Stuff without any stigma and at an earlier point before major problems occur that that might require professional support.


Reducing isolation for parents

Being a parent can be lonely and so our drop ins create safe places for children to play, and for parents to meet and get a break from the everyday challenges of parenting.


Providing cheap events for parents

Finding fun activities for children that are free is really hard. Lots of parents we work with can’t afford expensive entry prices or travel far to find activities. We want to make sure there are activities for every child to take part


Getting items to those in need

Some families need an extra bit of help even though they are not in crisis. These sales allow them to access clothes and other items.

Find out more

If you want to come to a drop in please get in contact. Find us on facebook  or get in contact on info@strouddistrictkidsstuff.org.uk or call. We want as many people as possible to get involved so everyone is welcome. 

We are at a number of different venues: Minchinhampton, Dursley, Pagan Hill, Nailsworth, Stroud, Stonehouse.

  • Stonehouse

    1st Wednesday of the month. Stonehouse Community Church

  • Paganhill

    3rd Friday of the month. Maypole Hall Pagan Hill

  • Minchinhampton

    4th Friday of the month (starting March). The Hub Minchinhampton

  • Nailsworth

    2nd Wednesday of the month. Christ Church Nailsworth

  • Tiddlywinks

    4th Tuesday of the month. The Shambles, Stroud

  • Coming soon

    The Tab, Dursley and Frith Youth Centre, Bussage